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Padilla was born with a slight gift, but after an incident that nearly took his life he has the ability to interact with otherworldly spirits. With the help of his best friend Dean they embark on a series of unsolicited adventures which take them into the realm of the unnatural. #supernaturalventures

Reader Reviews


"I'm so excited that they put all the stories in a collection now I can read all the chilling stories in one sitting with nice cup of tea"

Danielle on Amazon Review

"All great stories in this collection, glad I bought it."

Julie on Amazon Review

"Underrated author! A publisher should see the potential in this work and put it to use on the shelves"

A. Castel on Amazon Review


"To be honest, I didn’t know what I would think of this book. Someone bought it for my kid to read, and I was a little skeptical. I’ve never heard of this author. However, this book turned out to be amazing. My child wouldn’t put it down. He keeps asking me when another book is going to come out, honestly I have the same question."

T.C. on Amazon Review


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